F. A. Q.


What are the system requirements to use the application?

The application works with the following browsers:
- Internet Explorer version 7 or better
- Safari version 3 or better
- Firefox version 2 or better
- Chrome any version
- Opera version 9 or better

Javascript must be active and cookies must be enabled.

To print you have to be able to view pdf files within your browser or to have an application like Adobe Reader.

Why must I accept cookies?

Cookies are needed to set some application preferences on your computer, like the language you choose for the application and to remember that you already logged in when you browse the site.
No personal data is taken from your PC or saved in a cookie.

I have printed a key / a catalogue but the keys are not in 1:1 scale. What should I do?

When you print make sure that all the options like "fit to printable area" are disabled: you must print at 100% without scaling.

When I print the search results or the catalogue, nothing happens. Why?

The search results PDF or the catalogue PDF is created on demand by the server; if there are many keys try to wait a few seconds more. You need to install the free Adobe Reader to view PDFs in your browser.

How can I change my password to access EKC?

Log in with the old password and choose a new one from the "Preferences" section. You will receive an e-mail message with the new password.

I forgot my password: what should I do?

You can visit this page and type the e-mail address you used to register to the site. You will receive your password immediately.