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EKC Web makes it possible to print key tags and customize the information on them.

To access the section click on Tags on the red bar at the top of the screen.

Keys that can be printed on tags

You can print tags for all the keys in your range, or print a single tag sheet with your chosen keys.

Printing tags for the range of keys is simple: just enter the Tag section and press the button “Print tags for the key range” (or as an alternative press the “Print tags” button in the section Key range).

If on the other hand only certain keys are involved, you can fill in the customized tag sheet, which EKC will retain in its memory until you decide to change it.

Go to the Search section, find the key you want and view details by clicking on it. The information will appear in the middle of the screen, together with some push buttons. Press the one that shows a numbered sheet, used to add the selected key to your tag sheet.
The number on the button tells you how many keys you already have on the sheet. It takes up to 15. If more are required, first print the completed tag sheet then delete the contents and start again for the keys still to be included.

Next go from the Search section to Tags, where you can see a preview of your sheet, with miniature keys that show which tags on the sheet will be printed. These miniatures are not a real representation of the keys; they simply give an idea of how the sheet will be filled.
The sheet fills from the bottom to the top: in this way you can place it in the printer even if it is only partly used.
When you click on a miniature the right-hand part of the screen shows the actual keyblank and other information relating to the key on that tag. Personal details for the key can be altered (to do so, write in the text field then press the “Update” button).

If you do not want a tag for the key on view, it can be removed from the sheet by pressing the “Delete key” button on the left, under the preview of the tag sheet. EKC will require confirmation before deleting the key from the sheet.
In the same way you can delete everything on the sheet by pressing the “Delete all” button. After confirmation, EKC will delete all the keys from the tag sheet.

When all the keys you need have been positioned on the sheet, place the Silca punched sheet into the printer and press the “Print” button under the preview of the sheet.
Remember that when tags are printed it is important to disable the reduction options such as "Adapt to printable area" or similar. The page must be printed at 100% for the keys to be positioned properly on the tags.
The keyblank on the tag is not on a 1:1 scale; it is adapted to the space available on the tag.

Information printed on each tag

Each tag always shows the lock make, keyblank and Silca key code. To the right of the keyblank is a grid and a list of uses, if applicable.

In addition to these standard data, you may add others at your discretion.
For example, EKC prints personal information for the key below the keyblank: that is to say price code, commercial group, hook position and personal annotations, but you may choose whether some or all of this information should appear or not.

To set up the data to be printed on the tags use the radio buttons and check boxes in the box in the middle of the window.

"Area 1" indicates the part of the tag occupied by the keyblank. If you wish, EKC will draw a negative of the keyblank so that other data can be written over it. You can tell EKC whether to print over the keyblank comparative references, series, or vehicle makes. If you choose "Nothing", which is the initial option, EKC will draw the keyblank on the tag without any information over it.

"Area 2" indicates the part of the tag under the keyblank. EKC suggests occupying this with personal information. You may choose which of these you are interested in by disabling the check boxes in the "Area 2" zone.


To print the tag sheet, insert the Silca punched sheet into the printer and press the print button (single sheet or key range). The sheet provided is arranged to operate perfectly with the program.

When you print tags, disable the reduction options such as "Adapt to printable area" or similar: the page must be printed at 100% for the keys to be positioned properly on the tags.

If you see that the print on the Silca tag sheet is a few millimetres out (it depends on the printer and how the paper feeder is placed), you can adjust the printing co-ordinates: in the middle section, where the information to be printed is given, enter the values in millimetres to adjust the horizontal or vertical co-ordinates.
EKC web will remember the adjustments you make and show them every time you return to this screen.

Using the tag sheet

Whether you print a single sheet or the entire range of keys, Silca EKC web arranges the data on the punched sheets in such a way as to fill the tags from the bottom of the page. This means partially used tag sheets can be used again.
For example, if you print only three keys, you can detach the tags from the sheet and it can be used again for the 12 remaining tags.

On the screen the tag sheet has a check box on each tag: just deselect a box to tell EKC not to print that tag. When you select or deselect a check box EKC automatically re-arranges the keys on the sheet to show you what the print-out will look like.
So if you have a sheet from which you have already taken some tags, deselect the corresponding check boxes to print precisely on the tags actually available.
If you have downloaded some keys onto your tag sheet but fewer tags than you need are available, EKC warns you that there is not room on the sheet for all the keys. You may then decide to print only those for which there is room, or use another sheet.

Configuring your sheet

EKC saves all the settings you make in the Tag section so that you will find them every time you access the section, without having to reset them.

There is also the possibility to download a document with the settings for your current tag sheet and recall it later if you need it.
When you press "Save tag sheet" EKC downloads a text format document (with .txt extension) onto your computer. This document contains information about the data that must appear on the tags, together with the Silca codes for the keys on your sheet, and indications of which tags are available for printing.
However, it does not record any adjustments to printing co-ordinates, which depend on the printer used and not on the tag sheet.
At any time you may load the saved document by means of the "Choose document" button in the "Download tag sheet" box, then the “Download” button. When this is selected EKC reads the settings from the document and replaces the current information with what it reads.