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In the “Preferences” section you can inform Silca EKC Web of any settings you prefer so that they are presented every time you access the site.

Change password

The first thing to do immediately after receiving the email confirming your registration is to enter the “Preferences” section to set up a password you will remember.
Silca EKC Web creates a password for you when you register and if you wish you may maintain it. It is more likely that you will prefer to have another password to access Silca EKC Web, so just log on with your current password then press with the mouse on “Preferences” on the top red bar and enter a new password of your choice. You will be asked to write it twice to make sure there are no typing errors.
When you have written the new password twice, press the button "Change password" to make it active. From that moment on this will be the password to enter when you want to log onto the site, until you decide to change it again. For this reason you should take care to remember the password you have chosen! In any case, if you forget it you can press the item "Forgotten your password?" in the login box.

Application settings

In the “Search” section, Silca EKC Web provides you with several methods for finding the keys you are looking for (see help in the “Search” section to learn all the details), and in the “Preferences” section you can mark your preferred settings for carrying out the searches.

When you search keys according to dimensions, do you normally use inches rather than millimetres? Say so in this section: just choose the item "inches" in the "Measuring units" drop-down menu. In this way every time you make a search by dimensions Silca EKC Web will be set to accept values in inches. Obviously, you can change this criterion in the search by dimensions mask, from the menu involved.

In the Preferences section you can also set a search by key code.
When you make searches by Silca code, do you normally enter any portion of the code for the key in question (e.g.: all keys having codes that contain "01", such as "1001", "1012", "1013" and others)?
Or do you prefer to indicate the initial or final characters (e.g.: all keys having codes starting with "AP", such as "APA1R", "APE1", etc., or ending with "AP", such as "5AT11AP", "YM22AP", etc.)?
Or do you remember the exact codes of the keys in question and prefer EKC to seek the exact code you write (e.g.: search for the key with code "BR1" and do not show me others, such as "FBR1" or "FBR1R")?
Here, with the “Search by Silca key reference” menu you can tell EKC Web which of the options "contains", "starts with", "ends with", "exact match" you want to see when you make searches by code. Of course this is not binding: when actually making searches the menu is available to choose another criterion. EKC will simply set the item you choose as active in the menu.

Finally, if you usually print out on USA Letter sheets instead of A4, you can indicate this in the “Preferences” section.
When EKC Web creates PDF documents, i.e. to print out your key catalogue, the results of your search, or a single key, it reads in Preferences what your sheet dimension is and produces a PDF of the right size.

Once you have set your preferences, remember to press "Save" to make the changes effective.