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This section is used to search for a Silca key blank in the EKC database.

Given that the aim of a search is to find a key in the least possible time, there are several search methods to choose by clicking on one of the items listed in the top grey bar:

Other searches are made for personal information you have associated to the keys.

Search by Silca Code

Choose “Silca Code” to find all the keys corresponding to a Silca key code.
A search can be made by entering the full or partial code: just enter the Silca code or part of it in the special text field. Click on the button marked by a magnifying glass or press Enter to make the search. All the results will appear that contain the code you have entered, even if it is partial (e.g. if you write "AB1" in the search, the results will contain AB1, AB1R, AB10, BAB1, CAB1, FAB1, etc.).
If you know the full code for the key, you can restrict the results (saving time) by indicating that the code you are looking for is the one you have entered. To do this choose the option “exact match” from the drop-down menu.
In the same way, the items "starts with" and "finishes with" in the drop-down menu tell the application you are looking for keys whose Silca code starts or finishes with the characters entered in the text field.
Always indicate in the text field at least two characters from the code you are looking for (except in the case of an exact match search).
Click on the button marked by a magnifying glass or press Enter to make the search.

Search by Comparative Reference

Click on "Comparative Reference" to start a search by comparative key codes.
Make the search by entering the full or partial comparative reference in the text field (enter at least two characters).
Click on the button marked by a magnifying glass or press Enter to make the search.
All Silca keys containing the code you have entered, even partially, will be shown.
In the drop-down menu you can indicate the make of key to which the entered code refers.
If you know the exact code, before making the search check the “exact match search” box to find the keys that correspond exactly to the code given.

Search by Type of Key

Click on "Key Type" to look for keys that correspond to a given category and make (e.g. BONAITI welded keys) both of which will be specified. The Make menu activates after the category has been specified.
Press the search button and the catalogue will offer a range of key blanks available for the given category and make of keys.
As an option you can specify the original key code – if known – to refine the search and find the corresponding Silca code.

Search by Use

If you choose the search by "Use" a drop-down menu will appear from which to select one of the possible uses for the keys (e.g. post boxes, safes, bicycles, etc.).
Press the search button to see a list of all the keys associated to the use you have chosen.

Search by Key Dimensions

For every type of dimension (key length, stem diameter, etc.) you can indicate a value to search for, together with a tolerance.
Measurements are in millimetres, but you can specify them in inches by using the drop-down menu on the left.
For example, if you want to search for all the keys with a stem length of 60 to 62mm you can enter a length of 61mm with a tolerance of 1mm higher or lower.
Press the Search button or the Enter key to view the results.
To find out all the dimensions of a key, select it from the list of results given by the search and click on "Dimensions" in the column on the right.

Search by Vehicle

If you are making a search for keys for cars or other vehicles, click on Search by VehicIe to choose the category of vehicle from the drop-down menu and as a result the manufacturer, model and year. All this information must be given, but under year you may enter “All” if you do not have this exact information. After making these three choices, press the Search button. EKC will show the range of key blanks available for the given category of vehicle make and model.

Search by Hook Position

Silca EKC Web will let you not just view Silca information for each key, but also associate some personal information to each one, including the position of the hook on which you keep the key.
Choose "Hook Position" to tell the search the full or partial position of the hook involved. This option is particularly useful when you no longer have a key or tag on the hook and you wish to find the key, or when you wish to select some keys and print tags for them.
Enter the hook position in the text field and press Enter to make the search.

Search by Key Range

Select the search by “Range” and press the button marked with a magnifying glass to see all the keys in your personal range of keys.
This type of search is useful for creating a catalogue or price list for all the keys you have in stock: seek the keys in the range, add the price to personal information and print the catalogue. Couldn’t be easier!

Search by News

This type of search shows all the keys in the latest Silca News; these are the latest keys produced by the company.

Information shown by searches

On the left-hand side of the screen there is a section that shows the results of your searches.
One after the other all the keys that meet the search requisites are listed, each with its profile and key blank and the Silca code. To make the search quicker, if there are many results the application initially shows the first 50 keys found. At the bottom of the list there is a button to press to see the next 50 keys included in the search, and so on until all the keys found have been shown. In this way the page is not weighed down with hundreds of keys, but if necessary all the keys found can be viewed.

The details of each individual key can be seen by simply clicking on it.
The central column shows the key and some basic information: head code, materials, finishes, cutting cards, back milling and pins, whereas the right-hand column can be used to view more specific information about the key.
The information in this section includes personal information (see below) and use of the key, category, series, secondary brands, comparative references, dimensions, catalogues on paper, colours available, original code, etc.
Choose "Secondary Brands" to have the further possibility to select one or more makes from those shown by clicking on them. In this way a new search is made which shows all the keys for the make selected.

If the key you have selected is also used on a vehicle, the central section presents a push button to show you the Vehicle Key Guide with details per make and model, and the SBB/SDD Guide for the respective Silca devices.

Besides viewing information relating to the keys found by the search, you can also just click and print all results (or the details of a single key) as a personal catalogue!
Get more information from the “Print” section below.

If you wish to make a new search, the details of the key will not disappear until you click on another key.

Personal Information

Click on one of the keys found by the search, then on "Personal Information" in the right-hand section to enter, see and update the data relating to the key: price, commercial group, hook position and annotations.
This personal information can also be printed on the tags and catalogues.


There are some push buttons in the section showing the search results on the left of the screen.
When you place the pointer on these, small images appear to show the type of print-out you can achieve with each button.
Keys printed out with these buttons are exactly the ones found by the search, which makes it particularly easy to create a personal catalogue of your favourite Silca keys, or summarize details for all the keys in question in a single print-out!
Given that the catalogue and other print-outs are produced in the form of a pdf file, to see them in the browser you need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can also save them on the computer to keep them or print them out later.
Remember that the page must be printed at 100% to see the keys in their proper dimensions (i.e. on a 1:1 scale). For this reason when you print out results or a catalogue, do not enable options such as "Adapt to printable area" or similar.
Bear in mind that it may take a few seconds to prepare a pdf (especially with hundreds of results); the print-out will be restricted to the first 500 keys.

Print a Catalogue

After making a search, press the “print a catalogue” button in the left-hand column to print out the results in a Silca catalogue format. This print-out will not include all the information about every key, but will give you a compact catalogue of the keys you are interested in. In any case the personal information you have entered will be printed: in this way the catalogue can become a practical price list to keep to hand.

Print Results

The second push button at the top is used to make a pdf file (which you can print directly from the browser) with a page for each key presenting all the details relating to dimensions, category, use, secondary brands, comparative references, Silca catalogue reference, colour variants and personal information.

Print Single Key

Click on the button in the central section, next to the key on view, to print out the data referring to that key (in the same way as printing results).