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Searches: reference contains "AB1"

Search by reference lets you find all the keys that contain, start with, end with or are exactly like the typed string.

In this example, the search results show all the Silca keys that contains the letters "AB1": AB1, AB10, BAB1, CAB1 and so on.

There's a lot of information on every key: use, vehicles that the key can be used on, category, series, secondary brands, alternative references, comparative references, original code, passepartout hierarchy, dimensions, color variants and where to find the key in the Silca catalogues.

The example shows the secondary brands for the key Silca AB1 for Abus.

Searches: color variants

Some keys are available in color variants: the example shows Silca key UL050 for Universal.

Vehicle search

You can search a key starting from a vehicle: in this case the vehicle is a car, the Alfa Romeo Mito produced from 2008 onwards.

The search found one key and shows its use: ignition and doors.

The steering wheel icon pops up a window with the vehicle guide, with more information to copy the key.

All the searches

The image shows all the available searches; from top to bottom, you can search by:

- Silca key reference

- comparative key reference

- key type (eg cruciform, cylinder, duoble bit)

- use (eg mailboxes, safes, bicycles)

- dimensions

- vehicles

Print catalogue and print key

You can print the search results or a single key.

The print of a single key contains all the available information about the key; if you prefer, you can print the results as a catalogue with basic information but more keys on a page.

The key are always printed in 1:1 scale.

Key range

The "Key range" section shows your personal key range as a list; for every key, the brand, the Silca key reference and the personal information (hook position, price code, commercial group and annotations) are shown.

The buttons on the left of each key, together with the ones at the bottom of the list, allow you to remove keys from the key range, change the personal information related to a key, print the key range, import or export the keys or the hook position.

Print key range

It is possible to print the list of the keys in your range, all with their related personal information.

Import key range

You can import your key range from EKC (CD or web version), or from a text file containing a simple list of key references.

Export key range

You can download a file containing data about the keys in your range, for instance to import it in Excel or in other applications.

Import the hook position from Silca Key Programs

Import and export the hook position from and to Silca Key Programs is very simple with the two respective functions. When you import the SKP file you can also add the keys to your range.

Key tags

This section is intended for the key tags management: by using the punched Silca sheets, you can print the tags of your whole key range, as well as of any wanted key using the "Add to key tags sheet" function in the Searches section.

Single sheet key tags

On the left of the screen there is a preview of the key tags sheet.

The check boxes are useful to leave out the tags you already printed, allowing to use the whole sheet, even if formerly used.

Print options

It enables you to print on all key tags, overlaying the keyblank, any information of your choice between: comparative references, series, or vehicle makes.

You can also decide if you want to print on all key tags, below the keyblank, the price code, the commercial group, the hook position, the personal annotations.


In the “Preferences” section you can inform Silca EKC Web of any settings you prefer so that they are presented every time you access the site: change password, unit of measure, paper size, search by Silca key reference.